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La Matriciana O Amatricana at Roscioli

Dinner at Roscioli, Rome: a delightful foodie experience!

Roscioli is a highly recommended salumeria and Cucina in Rome in Campo de Fiori. It is a must-go-to restaurant, or at least visit Roscioli Caffè.

The website says Roscioli is a restaurant, delicatessen, cured meats and cheese counter. Wines and spirits, takeaway and home deliveries. I can say it is by far one of the best Italian meals we had while in Rome. So, read this blog post and then make a reservation at Roscioli. You likely won’t get in if you don’t. We got lucky… read on to see why.

Picture of seating at Roscioli, Rome
Dinner at Roscioli, Rome, Italy.

The bakery is famous among Romans and tourists, and there will always be a line, but go anyway! The restaurant, which serves lunch and dinner, opened years after the bakery, so some Romans have never been to dinner at the restaurant but are very familiar with the bakery and love it.

Roscioli Wine selection
You can get lost in the Roscioli Wines throughout the Deli and wine cellar.

Its tight quarters add to the charm. You’ll dine very close to other guests and will need reservations to get in unless you get lucky, as we did and were literally squeezed in! The restaurant serves lunch and dinner meals with specific time slots: 7:30 pm, 9:30 pm, and 9:45 pm. Guests are let in all at once, so it’s a different style of dining, as everyone is mostly on the same time with their meals.

La Matriciana O Amatricana at Roscioli
La Matriciana O Amatricana at Roscioli
Roscioli pasta gnocchi
Gnocchi con Patate di Avezzano All’ Amatriciana.
Roscioli bread
Roscioli bread.

We walked from the St. Regis (as we do each night), and no sweater was needed. It’s September and you just need good walking shoes for the cobblestone roads. We ate downstairs and loved how quaint it was. We were seated next to Americans (who were friendly and happy to see other Americans from all across their country, from the West to the East coasts) and Aussies.

I posted here about the popular pasta in Italy. We again had a version of them at Roscioli and are so glad we did. We also had the traditional Amatriciana—pecorino cheese, bacon, and tomato. 

The Gnocchi con Patate di Avezzano All’ Amatriciana — potato dumplings with tomato, bacon, and pecorino cheese. So good!

Roscioli dining Rome
Roscioli dining in Rome,

Rome has many great restaurants, but do your homework as there are lots of tourist traps as well. We had some disappointing meals because we landed and were hungry and rushed. So my advice is to book ahead. However, there are some restaurants where that’s not possible like the one we sadly missed but is very famous called Da Enzo. Read this post about nighttime sightseeing at the Colosseum and see the line for Da Enzo in Trastevere — a beautiful area of Rome you must go see!

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