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View of Positano from Nocelle

Positano to Nocelle, Italy on foot – a must-visit destination

There aren’t many things I like more than a day that includes beautiful travel, a great workout, and excellent food. That’s exactly what my husband John and I found in Nocelle, Italy. Actually, on foot on the way to Nocelle.

Positano to Nocelle, Italy, on foot will lift your spirits and heart rate

The walk will also give nature lovers like us plenty of eye candy.

Our lifestyle is always centered around fitness and nourishing organic meals, whether at home or on the road; we believe in maintaining these habits wherever we go. Whether it’s a European vacation or domestic travel, the journey that combines fitness and scenic views empowers us to explore from sunrise to sundown. 

Your guide to keeping fit on the go in Nocelle, Italy, on Foot!

Our hotel, Le Sirenuse, is in Positano. So, our walking journey begins from the Almalfi Coast at Positano and ascends upward to a small village called Nocelle, about 440 meters above sea level.  

We didn’t know exactly where we were going or what we’d find. We knew about The Path of the Gods trail – which you can reach by climbing this same staircase. It takes you from Positano to Bomerano in the Agerola region (many do it in reverse), but it takes a few hours, and our time is short. So, we climbed the 1,700 steps to see what we’d find.

The 1,700 steps to Nocelle, Italy, on Foot

The steep steps aren’t for people with bad knees; coming down can be very hard on them. But if you’re able, this is a climb you should do.

A few tips about walking to Nocelle, Italy

At the time, we didn’t know there was any other way. Not too long ago, walking to Nocelle via the stairs was about the only way. A paved road was put in around 2001, and Nocellesi began to take motor transportation back and forth. We later saw that you can take a taxi or bus up the steep hill to Nocelle, but you’ll miss so much. So, I recommend wearing comfortable walking shoes and taking the ancient flights of stairs to Nocelle on foot. I wore my Allbrids, and my feet didn’t hurt at all. And the thing I like about Allbirds is they’re machine washable! Birkenstocks can also work, but you may get pebbles in your sandals. 

Where to find the Staircase to go to Nocelle on foot

Walking from Positano. You’ll travel southeast, not far, on Amalfi Drive (also known as SS163), following the coast road until you see the stairs on the left side of the street near a bus stop, Arienzo. The staircase is easy to miss, so be on the lookout for the bus stop shown below. We missed it and had to loop back. The daunting staircase offered such beautiful views as we climbed that, despite being very steep, we couldn’t resist and continued.  

As we hiked up, we saw several Italians carrying groceries or simply taking a walk. Many people who work in Positano live in the two hillside towns above the cliffside village – Nocelle and Montepertuso. The co-owner of Le Sirenuse, Le Antonio Sersale, likes to climb the stairs after work to stay fit. Le Sirenuse is a luxury hotel with every amenity you can imagine. It also offers guided fitness walking tours around Positano and up this staircase.  

Be prepared to climb. The journey to Nocelle isn’t long by miles, but the staircase is relentless. The map below shows our route from our hotel. 

Keep your phone or camera handy for plenty of scenic shots. Nearly every angel is picture-worthy. You’ll see spectacular panoramic oceanviews from Nocelle Piazza, but along the way up, you’ll catch beautiful glimpses of Positano below, with trees framing the shot. There are also lots of cats along the trail and beautiful narrow passageways. 

Bring water and snacks. Depending on when you walk to Nocelle, it can get hot, so have water and a few light snacks. There is no food or water along the way. However, at the top, when you reach the Nocelle Piazza outside Nocelle’s church in the square, you’ll find the famous Lemon Point Stand, where you can buy a fresh glass of lemonade. Cash only!

You can also refill your reusable bottle at the water spigot as you take in the remarkable view. 

Bathrooms at the Nocelle Piazza. You can also freshen up in the pay-for-use bathrooms. Be sure to bring cash, as the lemonade stand and bathrooms require money.

Lunch at Ristorante Santa Croce at Piazza Cappella above Nocelle Piazza. You must go here for lunch. It’s one of the closest restaurants to the 

piazza, and you’ll surely love it as we did! You’ll also see locals dining there – a true sign of good food. My mouth is watering as I remember the delicious Tagliattele Alla Bologense, Caprese salad, and out-of-this-world cheesecake! No exaggeration. It was the best cheesecake John and I have had. And we’ve had many. 

The bill was inexpensive, the food was fabulous, and the view was extraordinary. We shared dishes only because, as often happens on vacations, we were eating again very soon. 

But I could’ve eaten at the restaurant multiple times. 

Meander on to The Path of the Gods or do the entire hike (about a few miles more to the end of the trail.

The portion of the hike from Positano to Nocelle for lunch can be done in a few hours. If you plan to do The Path of the Gods, it’s better to start from Bomerano so that you walk down the staircase into Positano rather than up it before beginning The Path of the Gods. We saw most people going in that direction. 

We didn’t have time to complete it, so we walked a little way before heading back down the stairs to our hotel. With our bellies filled, we enjoyed the journey on foot from Nocelle back to Positano in complete bliss. 

Next, check out Le Sirenuse, the luxurious and charming hotel in Positano that will steal your heart.

View of Le Sirenuse pool and bar in Positano.

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